Automated user engagement with triggers

Trigger messages allow you to automatically engage your users to chat with you based on user behaviour and user data.

Setting up a trigger

To set up a trigger, go to triggers menu Here you will see a list of existing trigger messages. Click "+New Trigger" button at the bottom of section.

On trigger setup page you will be able to enter your desired trigger title and select various conditions when to display a trigger message to your visitor

Trigger setup page

  • Trigger title - field to name your trigger
  • Trigger rules - based on these rules your trigger message will be or will not be delivered to your page visitor
  • Delive trigger message if - you can choose from two options here: deliver trigger if any of the provided rules are passed or all which means that all rules will have to have positive outcome
  • Trigger message - message to be delivered to your visitors
  • Display message to - you can choose to display this trigger only once (New page visitors) or always (Returning visitors)
  • Send message as - you can choose which agent will represent this trigger message
  • Set trigger to active checkbox activates the trigger, unchecking it disables the trigger.

Trigger rules

There are various trigger rules which help you to determine whether or not to send a trigger message for your current visitor

Trigger in action

Once you have the trigger set up and enabled, it will appear on website once the trigger rules are met.